Welcome to Nasca Lines Flights, a local tour operator with headquarters in the city of Nasca.
We specialize in FLIGHTS OVER THE NASCA LINES, as well as private land tours to the Nasca desert.
Our company offers various flights options over the Nasca plateau, including departures from Pisco, Ica, and Nasca Airport.
Unlike others operators, our Nasca Lines flights are very informative, providing you a general insight about the Nasca Lines.
In addition to scenic air tours, we also offer private lectures about the Nasca Lines and tours to ancient ruins around Nasca.
Prepare yourself for an exhilarating flight that will take you over one of the most bizarre deserts on our planet.
Take a plane ride over the Nazca valley and witness one of the world’s greatest mysteries.

Nasca Lines Aerial Map  Cessna Aircraft for the Nazca Lines  Cessna Caravan Plane for the Nazca Lines

Nasca Lines Brief Introduction

The Nasca Lines lies in the southern coast of Peru, some 400 kilometers away from the city of Lima.
The desert containing the lines stretches over 50 kilometers between the dry valleys of Nasca and Palpa.
There are more than 1,000 straight lines,  as well as dozens of geometric shapes and over 300 drawings.
Since their discovery in the 1920th, researchers have found a great collection of figures, most of them over 2000 years old.
Among the figures, one can see a clear shape of a monkey, a spider, a whale, a frog and human beings.

In addition, there are countless geometric forms that resemble airstrips and hundreds of lines running in all directions.
Perhaps the most striking figure of all, is the Astronaut, a strange creature with a large head and big eyes.
Unlike the other figures, the astronaut was drawn on a hillside and not on the surface of the desert.
Moreover, each figure, even such sophisticated motifs as a pelican or killer whale were executed in a single continuous line.
The enigma of the Nazca Lines still baffles scientists around the world. Nobody actually knows who made them or why?

The Astronaut on the Nasca Desert

How to book the Nasca Lines Flight?

All you need is to send us an e-mail informing us from which airport you wish to take the Nasca Lines Flight.
The flights are only operated from the airports located in the city of Pisco, Ica or Nasca.
After we had confirmed availability and price, you may proceed with your payment.
Before your payment, you will need to send us via email or WhatsApp your information. (names, nationality, etc)
Soon after your payment, you will receive an electronic voucher via e-mail confirming your booking.
The electronic voucher acts as a confirmation for your Nasca Lines flight.
You need to print out this voucher and present it to our guide on the date of the tour. That is all.

About to fly over the Nazca Lines  Flying over the Nazca Lines  Viewing the Nazca Lines from the plane

Nasca Lines Flight Guide

Before boarding the airplane, the pilot provides safety instructions as well as tips to enjoy the flight.
We fly over the desert in a small plane, which has 5 seats, plus pilot and co-pilot seats.
Each passenger has a seat next to the window, therefore riders get a better view from the above.
The pilot flies the plane in circles over each figure.
First, we fly on the left side and then on the right side, giving passengers an equal opportunity to view each figure through the window.
The flight lasts 35 minutes and passengers get to see 13 figures, as well as various geometric forms and hundreds of lines.

Drawings you see on the Classic Nasca Lines Flight

During the flight, you will be able to spot 3 types of drawings, animals, a human being and gigantic geometric shapes resembling airstrips.
Here there is the list of images, in the same order you will see it from above.
The Whale, The huge triangles, the Astronaut, the Monkey, the Dog, the Hummingbird, the Spider, the Condor, the Heron, the Parrot, the Hand and the Tree.
In addition, you will also see hundreds of lines crisscrossing the desert plateau.

Have you ever heard about the Palpa Lines?

The Palpa Lines are a large group of drawings located to the north of Nazca, on both sides of the Palpa Valley.
Unlike the Nasca figures, the Palpa Lines seem to be much older, and most of them are found on large natural platforms.
At the Palpa desert exist various human representations, on which stands out a family group etched on a hillside.
In addition, there are also representations of marine birds, an older representation of a hummingbird, animals and even weapons.
Perhaps the most spectacular of all, are the geometric shapes, huge images etched at the top of the mountains.
Our company offers especial flights over the Palpa Lineas, and also organize land expeditions to the Palpa desert.

Palpa Lines - The Ancient Family

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